First and foremost we would like to start by telling each and every one of you Thank You for Supporting us in our New Life Journey. "Family / Friends First" is a commonality we share, and truly one of our biggest admiration for each other. Without the love, support, and the blessing; this day wouldn't be possible! We Love You ALL and look forward to celebrating "Edgmon Style" on May 16, 2015.

We have created this website to assist our friends and family \par
Stay "in the loop" with what's going on, and Special Announcements\par
- Offer a Non-Traditional (Alternative) Method to:
-- Financial Support: -- Monetary Support to help us finance our Wedding,, to make our Special Day Perfect! ((I.e. Jenna and I dislike Each Other about as much as we Love CreditCard Debt. :) )
-- Donations : (I.e. Items/Equipment you would like to donate, for items we need at the Event)
-- Gift Giving : (I.e. A Centralized place to see where the Edgmon's are Registered)